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Rosetta , Natal Midlands South Africa

Rosetta was established in the 1800s when farm pioneering was taking place in this area of Natal.

Rosetta is located in the northern part of the Midlands meander and is host to some lovely accommodation venues and interesting places to visit. It is also at the start of one of the most scenic drives in the Midlands.

Rosetta became an integral part of the colonial farm-pioneering boom of the mid-to- late 1800s, Rosetta s future looked more secure in 1895 when Natal authorities built the Meshlyn Bridge and finally secured a place on the map a year later with construction of its still-standing hotel.

Rosetta is surrounded by modern smallholdings, the village centre today features Crispins Corner, a small shopping centre where - in addition to locally produced handicrafts history buffs may find that significant piece in its antique shop. Rosetta is part of the Midlands Meander a major tourist attraction in the area.

One of the best stops in Rosetta is the Israeli goats cheese farm Marrakech where you can sample a wide range of wonderful cheeses